Everyday is Women’s Day

Earlier this month, the world celebrated International Women’s Day - a day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women. At Mono Solutions, we’re all about empowering small businesses to work on their passion and last week our CEO and Co-Founder - Louise Lachmann, had the honor of hosting a group of highly-talented, young women from the Superheroes program in Estonia.

Inspiring young superheroes
Superheroes is a growth mindset driven entrepreneurship and leadership program for 13- to 17-year-old girls to unlock their potential and build true grit for a superhero life. During the four week program, the girls form teams of five and turn idea into action to a fully-functional project or, even in some cases, a registered company.

The girls that visited Mono recently won an award for their project Code Red. The Code Red girls came to listen to Louise’s personal story as well as to learn about the journey and success of Mono Solutions. Last year Mono celebrated ten years in business and we have just as much to celebrate in year eleven, thanks to the hard work of Mono women and men alike.

Equality at the core of Mono
At Mono, we believe that every day is women’s day - just as much as it’s men’s day. We are equals on the Mono team and as a tech company, we can proudly boast that nearly 40% of our employees are female with posts across all departments including development. While we always hire the best person for the job, we hope to raise our split to a more even 50/50 in the near future.

Just because we look at each other as equals, it doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t be celebrated, encouraged and empowered. We recognize the challenges women face and want to make it easier for women to follow their passion. We look forward to seeing more and more programs like Superheroes empower young women to make their mark on the world. For more information of how to get involved with Superheros or see about bringing the initiative to your country, visit their website at

Share your idea with us
To support the young entrepreneurial spirit of boys and girls alike, for any young man or woman across the globe wishing to get started and pursuing their dreams, Mono will donate a website to help them present their ideas to the world. To get a free website please write us a short note about your idea, passion or project. This initiative is exclusively available to young entrepreneurs under 18 years of age. We can’t wait to see what you produce. 

Download the guide below to see how to submit your ideas: