Why your SMB clients should launch an online shop now

With worldwide lockdowns changing our everyday lives, small businesses need to find new ways to provide products and services to their customers. In fact a recent survey revealed that consumers are spending more online - and as a digital service provider, now is a great time to help your small business clients take their business online and launch their own e-commerce.

Consumers are going online 

The increasing transition from offline to online can be a huge opportunity for SMBs, especially if they are greatly affected by physical store closures. Launching an online shop can help small business owners counteract the effect of falling purchases and revenue due to COVID-19 and put them back on track with their business.

Behavior will change in the long-term

And there’s more. This change in consumer behavior may be due to a temporary crisis, but it’s also likely to change some buying behavior permanently. As people get more familiar and used to buying products online, they will continue to do so even after shops can physically re-open again. Advise your SMB clients to start offering products and services online, to not only capture current demand, but also to be prepared for the future. Online shops were already on the rise before Covid-19 and the crisis is only accelerating the adoption by small businesses.

AN efficient reallocation of time

With more business owners and employees unable to continue with regular work tasks, it’s important that they reallocate their time on new initiatives that can help drive business. Why not use the time usually spent in the store to get started with creating an online shop? As a digital service provider, you can help your SMBs effectively reallocate their time and shift focus on getting an online shop up-and-running in this difficult period of time.

test the water with online sales

Having said that, SMBs may see e-commerce as a temporary solution during COVID-19 and may therefore not want to spend time putting all their products online (especially if they have a large inventory). However, it’s a great time to test the waters: See how e-commerce performs for their business without investing too much money or time upfront.

the opportunity to grow

A good thing about e-commerce is that you can make it as simple or complex as your SMB client is comfortable with. Start by suggesting a few key items or gift cards that should be put in the online shop. Depending on time and resources, SMBs can pick up from there and gradually add more items to the store or offer other delivery options such as in-store pickup. A good online shop does not have to be complicated in order to work - the important thing is that the SMB is embracing other ways to connect with customers!

Get a free 5-month Mono E-commerce subscription

As part of our efforts to support small businesses during the on-going COVID-19 crisis, Mono is offering a free 5-month Mono E-commerce subscription to help small businesses take their business 100% online. Mono E-commerce is a simple online shop for small businesses to test the waters with selling online, and can be a great way for business owners to generate revenue when their physical location is closed due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Interested? Please contact your Partner Success Manager so you can start offering Mono E-commerce to your SMB clients!