Manage SMB accounts at scale

Also part of the Mono Platform is our multi-site management tool for partners, known as the Reseller Admin Interface (RAI). Built to manage SMB clients at scale - RAI makes it easy to manage and provision accounts, subscriptions, templates and more.


effortless account management

Mono’s RAI management tool makes it easy to create, manage and provision subscriptions for thousands of SMB clients. From setting up a new customer to adding domains, RAI gives a clear overview of accounts, sites and connected subscriptions, and is the ultimate administrative tool for scalable management of the full suite of Mono Products, as well as domains, emails and SSL certificates.

user roles and processes

optimize workflows

As a multi-site management tool, RAI also makes it easy to optimize workflows and fulfillment processes for you and your team. Dedicated tools help indicate where the site is in a workflow, and helps creates transparency from initial sales to final delivery. Easily assign websites to different individuals, and track activity on individual sites for better overall management of the website creation process.

template management

create a template library

Make a copy of Mono’s professionally designed templates and adjust them to the needs of your market, to create your own proprietary library of templates. Feeling extra creative? Build your own templates from scratch for a truly unique offering for our small business customers. For more structure, organize templates in relevant business categories and share template previews with clients for faster selection.

Bulk website creation

save time with automation

As new orders for websites are confirmed, RAI makes it easy to generate an advanced starting point for the delivery of new websites. With our bulk website creation method, it’s possible to combine collected business data with preferred templates for the automated creation of hundreds of websites in just a few minutes - giving designers time to focus on unique and creative elements for final delivery.