10 fun facts after 10 years with Mono

This year, Mono Solutions celebrates ten years in business. It has been an amazing journey fueled by the vision of helping small businesses get a professional and affordable online presence.

There is no one, particular secret to Mono’s success over the years but rather the combination of important milestones, wonderful colleagues and a shared vision. We’ve put together ten fun facts about the company and the people behind it. How many do you already know? You might be surprised.

1. Diversity as a virtue

Mono Solutions was founded in Denmark and while Copenhagen is still home to our headquarters, we now have offices in Denver, Colorado in the US as well as in London, UK. However, what’s most significant is that across these three offices we employ amazing people from thirteen different nationalities, including USA, Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Scotland, England, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Brazil, Argentina and Pakistan!

2. Long-lasting partnerships
Eniro was one of Mono’s very first partners and we are proud to say that they are still a valued partner today. Our work together has grown over the years to align with the evolving demands of SMBs. In fact, Eniro is currently launching Mono One-Click Sites across all of their Nordic markets.

3. Our largest partner is, well, big
We have more than 65 valued partnerships in 30 different markets worldwide. Our biggest partner actually serves more than 500,000 SMBs across the United States. It’s an honor and a pleasure to service so many SMBs with not just them but all of our partners across the world.

4. The longest standing ticket
Anyone familiar with our support operations knows that we use a ticket-based system called Jira. What you likely don’t know is that there is still an open ticket from early 2013 - The Cake Ticket. If you are assigned this ticket you are obliged to bring cake to the office. When the task is complete, you simply pass it onto a colleague. Don’t worry, it’s an internal ticket, though anyone is always welcome to show up with cake at our offices. We love cake.

5. Heavy traffic

We host more than 300,000 websites worldwide for our partners that are served by a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) for ultimate speed and load optimization. The more techy side of the business would like to boast that last month we handled 1.3 billion server hits across our network. We Googled. It would take over 30 years for a human just to count to one billion. So Mono CDN...mic drop.

6. The Three Musketeers
Our three founders are impressive for many reasons beyond pioneering the world’s best online presence platform. Shameless plug, we know.

Louise is not only our CEO, a strong leader and visionary strategist, she is also known as the office DIY’er. Once, she was stopped in airport security with a screwdriver in her purse! She gets the job done. A good quality for a CEO, we think!

If you have ever met our CCO René, you will likely have noticed his fast moving gestures when talking passionately about his designs. But did you know that these moves are just a taste of his many years of training to become a black-belt Taekwondo champion? Hii-ya!

David, a dedicated surfer and our fearless CTO wrote his first line of code when he was only 6 years old. And he did it on the latest smashing technology available - a Sord M5. While it might not have been Mono code, you now have the math to figure out David’s age.

7. A mile high advantage
Denver is located at an altitude of a mile high (that is 1,600 m) above sea level, which means the thin air gives our Denver colleagues an advantage when it comes to absorbing oxygen during fitness activities. This makes the rest of the Mono team look out of shape, especially during our high-rope climbing adventure last year - where our North American, CEO - Eric was the only one to complete all four stages, and presents extreme challenges when Mono staff visit the Denver office and get lured into hiking at 14,000 ft (or 4,267m)!

8. The burger boys
In the very early Mono days we did not have a lunch room and relied on takeout. David and René, like mice when the cat is away, didn’t waste time on finding healthy options. Instead, they searched high and low to find Copenhagen’s best burger. Burgers at one point became the biggest expenditure in Mono as the team grew, so did the burger ‘bills’. Still today they find time now and again to go grab a burger in town for lunch and no one seems to mind working late when it’s with “The burger boys”. You always know dinner will be good.

9. THE place to grab a coffee
If you ever come to our headquarters in Copenhagen, be sure to visit our favorite coffee shop: Røde Rose’s Kaffebar (Red Rose’s coffee shop). Not only will you get a great cup of coffee, you will also find the definition of Danish hygge, listen to some jazzy tunes from the old record player and be amazed by the funky interior. Are you joining the SIINDA Sales Workshop on June 1st? You can look forward to meeting Tue, the owner of this wonderful coffee shop, who will be serving up his amazing coffee during the event!

10. The Mono Family
As much as we are a company, we are equally a family. Mono is made of of old and young, small and tall, childish soles and strong role models. We care for and support each other in our work and daily lives, and that is the true foundation of our company culture. For the past 10 years our mantra in everything we do has been #MonoLove, and it will continue to guide the dedication to our work for many years to come.