The all-in-one Mono Editor

The intuitive Mono Editor is our all-in-one interface for building and managing websites, as well as our full suite of products. Our editor allows for all core aspects of the small business’ digital presence to be managed in one unified interface.

the mono editor

a seamless customer journey

Designed for ultimate ease-of-use, the Mono Editor brings together our full suite of products into a unified interface. From building new pages and email campaigns - to managing incoming bookings and orders, the Mono Editor lets you seamlessly build, edit and manage the full suite of Mono Products all within the same interface.

user roles

customize the user experience

Whether you’re a seasoned website designer or digital novice, the Mono Editor can easily be adjusted to fit your level of technical skills. With our adaptable user roles, the Mono Editor gives professionals the freedom to efficiently fulfil websites at scale, as well as providing the best DIY experience for small business owners looking to take more control of their digital marketing.

Smart data management

Leverage the power of data

Structured data should be at the foundation of any website because it affects how business information is presented in search results, including voice search. Our concept of Global Data ensures that key business data is marked up with for improved findability. What’s more, updates to the business data automatically cascade across the website for ultimate online consistency.

production efficiency

truly efficient website design

The Mono Editor offers a wide variety of pre-designed templates, pages and sections to make website production more efficient than ever. Our Global Design concept ensures that all visual assets are centrally managed and combined with the use of Mono Templates, updates automatically cascade throughout the site to save time on production.

Feature examples

In-tool assistance

Make use of various in-tool help tools such as getting started videos and a Mono Academy widget while building.

Time-saving navigation

Inserting new content is quickly done in just a few clicks. All existing elements can easily be moved via drag-and-drop.

Predefined content

Leverage a wide variety of predefined pages and content rows for fast website production including price plans, galleries and more.

Keyboard shortcuts

Optimize production with a wide range of keyboard shortcuts for common actions, such as copy and paste rows, for faster and easier production.

Built-in dashboard

Get a quick overview of overall website performance, including number of visitors and engagements with elements, such a click-to-call and downloads.

File manager

Upload and store images and files in the built-in file manager. It’s a central repository for everything uploaded to the Mono Editor.

SEO checker

Quickly evaluate SEO performance and identify missing elements, such as H1 tags, keywords and more.

Data synchronization

Use our integration with Google My Business and Facebook to synchronize Global Data (key business information).


Easily edit the content displayed on desktop, tablet and mobile viewports.

Image editor

Quickly make changes to images with our built-in editor. Crop, adjust color, change focus, add a frame and more.

Sitemap submission

Sitemaps are automatically submitted to search engines to help web crawlers more intelligently understand your website content.

Connected with Google

Connect websites with existing Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts to better track and monitor website visitors.