Uncomplicated e-commerce for SMBs

Mono E-commerce enables SMBs with all the tools they need to sell products and services online including beautiful and conversion-driving online store fronts.

Beautiful design

Make it eye catching

Visually showcase all products and services in an easy-to-navigate online store using e-commerce templates and modules meant to give a rich visual experience. With features like product zoom and product variant support, small business can display the smallest detail of their products.

Order management


Small business owners want to spend less time processing orders, and more time on practicing their craft. With Mono E-commerce, customers are sent automatic notifications when orders are received and processed, and invoices are also auto-generated.

Feature examples

Payment gateways

Add one or more payment gateways in order to easily accept transactions on the online shop.

Shipping methods

Select one or more shipping providers and set up the specific settings, such as price, weight and country.


Add dedicated keywords on individual product pages, and ensure products are displayed in Google search results.

Product variants

Easily add multiple variants of products so that customers can choose their preferred color, size, material and more.

E-commerce templates

Choose from a variety of e-commerce templates that are designed specifically for small businesses.


Easily add multiple languages and currencies to the online shop to support sales in any market.

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