Smart customer management for SMBs

Mono Customers brings to life the truly useful elements of customer relationship management specifically for small businesses in an easy-to-use interface.

Tailored online experiences


74% of marketers say that personalization has a strong effect on advancing customer relationships.* With features like user groups and customer activity stream, small business owners can leverage Mono Customers to get to know their customers more intimately and create content and campaigns that are more tailored to the individual.

* Researchscape International

Email Marketing


Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing channels with 59% of marketers saying that email is their biggest source of ROI.* Mono Customer integrates directly with Mono Email Marketing for supplying targeted lists (user groups) and records users’ email campaign engagement back into the activity stream. 

* Emma Email Marketing

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Feature examples

User profile

A 360-degree overview of any user including contact data, email permission and website activity.

User groups

Create custom user groups to segment customers for smarter and more tailored communication.

Activity stream

For any user, the activity stream shows all Mono Platform engagement activity (email opens, orders, etc.)

User login

Define user groups for specific content (at the page-level) only accessible via user login on the website.

User import

Import and export users in bulk to Mono Customers for more cohesive customer database management.

Form data

Set forms to automatically filter the form fill data to Mono Customers and easily create new users if desired.

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