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Mono offers the ultimate platform for building, managing and selling white-label websites and other digital offerings, including e-commerce, online scheduling and more, for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) at scale. Today, we work with more than 80+ partners in more than 35 markets worldwide to empower small businesses in the digital landscape, and make it easy for them to engage with their customers online.

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At Mono, we believe that our partners have an important role to play in making an SMB’s digital presence truly successful. Today, a truly valuable website offering goes beyond technology, and encompasses service as a means to drive online success. The Mono Platform makes it easy for reselling partners to take a do-it-with-me (DIWM) approach, and ultimately work with their SMB clients to drive more business online!

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SMBs are our heroes

Mono was founded on the belief that all small businesses deserve a professional and affordable website. And while we’re constantly adding new features and functionality to our platform, staying true to the needs of SMB is central to everything that we do. We’re invested in continuously staying up-to-date and sharing insights on SMBs preferences, trends, product engagement, and more.

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Partnership across industries

Mono is dedicated to a partner-first approach in serving small businesses. We work with reselling partners across different industries, including directories, media & publishing, hosting, telcos and more, that have a strong connection and dedication to empowering small businesses.

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