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Let’s drive business for SMBs

We’re proud to work with more than 80 partners around the world. And more importantly, we’re thrilled to be partnered with companies that are just as passionate about helping small businesses, as we are. Mono works with a wide variety of partners in different industries.

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A good website needs a branded domain, and a great domain needs a beautiful website. Mono works with hosting providers to take their offerings beyond domains and offer websites to their small business clients, boosting the average revenue per user (ARPU).


For more than a hundred years, directories and Yellow Page brands have been trusted channel for SMBs. Mono works with directories to offer digital presence solutions to their small business clients, as part of a natural industry transition from print to digital.


Just like a website, telecommunications is key for small businesses to get in touch with their customers. Mono works with telecommunications companies to extend their small business offerings beyond telecommunications, and encompassing the full customer journey of online discovery to getting in touch on the phone.

Media & Publishing

Media and publishers are a channel that has traditionally attracted small businesses with regard to advertising. As advertising has moved online, Mono has worked with media and publishing companies to offer websites and digital presence offerings that help convert advertising leads to actual customers.


We know that agencies are passionate about bringing small business brands to life. Agencies working on the Mono Platform can more efficiently deliver beautiful and high-performing websites for their small business clients at an affordable price point, making building, delivering and maintaining more profitable.

A shared vision


"As a cloud-native digital services company, Orange truly values websites as a key offering to help SMBs boost their business online. We found that the great Mono Solutions team shared this vision, and combined with their brilliant execution, perfectly designed websites and high performance technology, we’re truly proud of our lasting partnership to help SMBs succeed online."


Rayane Chawaf

Head of Digital Visibility Services

Orange France