The ultimate white-label website builder

Create beautiful and performance-driven websites that help small businesses succeed online. Our website builder features structured data and flexible design for efficient and cost-effective website creation at scale.

mono websites


Mono Websites are not only structured and data-rich, they also look beautiful and perform not only for the user, but also consistently score in the 90th percentile on Google PageSpeed. With features like keyboard shortcuts, Global Design, predefined pages and content rows, our intuitive website builder makes it faster than ever to build better websites.

flexible user roles

drive more engagement

Whether your small business customers want to build their Mono Website themselves or let one of your experienced website designers take the lead, the website editing experience can be adapted for different levels of experience. Our flexible user roles make it easy to offer Mono Websites as a true do-it-with-me (DIWM) solution and drive greater engagement from business owners in managing their digital presence.

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local data hub

websites of tomorrow

The role of websites is evolving, but by no means obsolete. More than ever, websites represent the only opportunity where small business owners truly own their content, can build trust around their brand and foster personalized engagement with their customers. Mono and Localogy commissioned a report that adds a fresh perspective on the function of a website and explains the importance of SMB websites now and in the future.

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smart data management

leverage the power of data

With the rise of voice search and other data-driven search queries, structured data is more important than ever to ensure that small businesses get found. With Mono’s website builder, the Global Data feature ensures that key business information is marked up according to structured data and principles. What’s more, Global Data lets you centrally manage this business data across your website, ensuring consistency and saving time when updating contact information, address and more.

award-winning templates

stun your clients with design

Mono Templates provide an excellent starting point to save on production time as they’re specifically built with data management in mind and are easily adapted to custom color palettes with just a few clicks. Build your own template library to meet your market’s specific needs, or leverage Mono’s library of hundreds of predefined pages and content rows for fast website production including price plans, galleries and more.

futureproof websiteS

keep ahead of the curve

Confidently build websites that can withstand the test of time as technology advances. Our website builder includes features and functionality that support trending and important technology requirements, including privacy and consent management options, accessibility, open graph meta tags, progressive web applications (PWA), markup and more.

Feature examples

Built for SEO

All on-page SEO elements are super easy to edit and manage. Don’t sweat technical SEO - Mono has it covered.

Blog functionality

The Mono Blog feature is database-driven and includes all the features you expect including comment management.

Password protection

Make specific website content exclusive with password protected areas that can be accessed through a login module.

Progressive web apps (PWA)

Don’t build an app! PWA enables the fast loading of cached websites in an app-like experience even when offline.

Consent management

Effectively manage user consent across the website, including privacy policy, cookies and marketing permissions.

Social media

Easily add any major social media widget to encourage more website engagement including likes, shares and more.


Impress clients with code-free animations that bring life to any website and win the attention from the end-user.


Create conversion-driven forms to capture leads, receive quote requests, gather testimonials and more.


Add eye-catching effects that make for a more vibrant website, such as video backgrounds, parallax scrolling, hovers and more.

Reviews & testimonials

Build online trust and credibility with customer reviews and testimonials that help your SMB clients stand out from the masses.


Add dedicated offers and promotions to attract new visitors, drive repeat purchases or reward loyal customers.


Need specialized functionality? Embed third-party features and functionality using our flexible HTML module.


Ensure a more accessible website for visitors using screen readers, magnifiers and other assistive devices.

Open graph tags

Share more engaging content with rich previews and thumbnails when sharing links from your website.

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