3 key updates for small business websites during COVID-19

As authorities are taking measures to ensure the safety and well-being, many small businesses are being forced to close or move their operations online. We’ve gathered the most important website updates to help your small business customers as COVID-19 grounds many of us at home.

  1. Update their opening hours
    Countless small businesses will need to temporarily close or adjust their opening hours. It may seem simple but by updating their opening hours in Global Data, you’ll ensure their data is not only correct across their website - but as all Global Data on the Mono Platform (including opening hours!) is marked up with schema.org, search engines can also easily identify this updated information. For more on opening hours, check out the Opening Hours article and Global Data article on Mono Academy.
  2. Use Mono On-Site Engagements
    As the operations of businesses are constantly evolving, using Mono’s On-Site Engagement is a great way for business owners to communicate on-going updates to customers. Whether to promote a special offer or promotion (e.g. take away or home delivery), live streaming (e.g. classes/learning), or just to simply notify that they’re temporarily closed, On-Site Engagements can help visitors instantly get this information when visiting an SMB website. For more on On-Site Engagement, check out the dedicated article on Mono Academy.
  3. Post communication on how they’re tackling COVID-19 (coronavirus)
    Add a blog post, add a dedicated page - maybe even add a dedicated Frequently Asked Questions (using our FAQ list module). We’re all taking extra precautions these days, and so are small business owners. Help business owners add and update information about the efforts they’re making to keep their employees and customers safe. For more on the FAQ list module, check out the dedicated article on Mono Academy. 

Other updates

  • Encourage them to update their Google My Business listings and add a Google Post about how their business is tackling and operating during COVID-19. You can link to the dedicated page or post (point #3) that you created for them.
  • Encourage your small business customers to take their business online and share their expertise digitally by writing new content for their blog.
  • Using Mono Scheduling? Remind business owners to reschedule appointments and block their calendar for the time being to ensure social distancing.

Live webinar next week

Stay tuned for a live webinar on Monday on which features and functionality on the Mono Platform can help your small business clients keep their customers up-to-date, and help drive online business during COVID-19. Register today!

Share your ideas

Do you have more ideas on updates that small businesses should make to their website? Send our team a note at marketing@monosolutions.com and we’ll make sure to share your ideas as an effort to help all small businesses get through these challenging times.