SMB websites can't be replaced by earned & paid media - Here's why

Originally posted on LSA Insider: Last year a survey from Capital One found that 61% of SMBs were utilizing social media for their business while only 56% had a company website.

Furthermore, the survey found 32% said increasing advertising and marketing efforts would best improve business, with only 14% saying the same about creating a website.

SMBs’ social media pages as stand-ins for a company website, and other earned (social mentions, shares, reviews, etc.) and/or paid media (online ads) may be minimizing the perceived need for a website among some SMBs. But when considering consumer behavior, it becomes clear that using earned and paid media to try and replace a website isn’t an effective strategy. (Continued on the LSA Insider Blog...)

This is an excerpt of the original article posted on the LSA Insider on November 20, 2017. To read the full blog post, visit the LSA Insider Blog.