Our Statement on Anti-Racism

At Mono, we strongly support equality and justice amongst all people, regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, age and disability. As a company, we truly believe that diversity is a necessary virtue for any entity, whether it be a company or society, to thrive.

The entire Mono Team has been deeply moved by the recent Black Lives Matter protests and activism, both in the US and elsewhere, and as an organization it’s allowed us to reflect.

As a company with a diverse and international team, we believe that it’s important to take action by supporting and uplifting small businesses, promote equality and inclusivity within communities, as well as take a clear stand against racism to ensure a more equal society going forward. 


Actions speak louder 

At Mono, we therefore pledge to take the following actions:

  • Donate to organizations that fight for anti-racism, racial equality and justice, as well as donate to black-owned small businesses.
  • Free website for organizations that advocates for equality and justice in 2020. Download our guide on how to apply for a free website
  • Continue to promote diversity amongst our own employees, as well as publish a yearly report on diversity and inclusion within our own organization
  • Actively share any initiatives started by our partners that support Black Lives Matter

We welcome ideas to continue uplift and promote diversity and inclusion amongst our employees, our partners and small businesses. 

On behalf of the entire Mono Team,

- Louise Lachmann, CEO & Co-founder