Stop selling traditional websites, sell SMBs a future online

There is no alternative to a small business (SMB) website, though some marketers may argue this is the case. While Google My Business and Facebook are critical to any digital presence, new tech, features and capabilities are allowing for more dynamic, customer-focused websites, central to the marketing stack.

And aside from creating a catchy headline, the claims that voice search will make websites irrelevant, is short sighted. Voice search requires authoritative and structured content, making the website more important than ever. The business website is the only online real estate where a small business truly owns and controls the content (data) around their brand.

That all said, SMBs and the marketers that serve them need to expand their thinking when it comes to websites. Websites of the future may not look or function in the traditional matter they have until now. Today’s website is capable of much more than looking good and providing contact information. Marketers need to understand these new capabilities and transform how they approach (and sell) SMB websites. (Continued on the LSA Insider Blog...)

This is an excerpt of the original article posted on the LSA Insider on June 20, 2018. To read the full blog post, visit the LSA Insider Blog.