#SupportingLocal businesses with Mono E-commerce for free

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of small businesses to temporarily close their brick-and-mortar locations. Many small businesses are getting creative and finding new ways to serve their customers, and most of these new initiatives have one thing in common - they’re 100% digital.

#supportinglocal with free e-commerce for SMBs

As part of our efforts to support small businesses during the on-going COVID-19 crisis, Mono will be offering a free 5-month Mono E-commerce subscription to help small businesses take their business 100% online. Mono E-commerce is a simple online shop for small businesses to test the waters with selling online, and can be a great way for business owners to generate revenue when their physical location is closed due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

“As the financial impact and other challenges of COVID-19 are beginning to take its toll on small businesses, we want to empower our partners with an initiative that helps drive business for their SMB clients. I’m proud that we’re able to support our partners with a free e-commerce subscription to help their customers move their business online for the time being. We hope that this will empower our partners to boost the morale (and revenue) of their SMB clients.“ says Louise Lachmann, CEO at Mono Solutions

Resources to help you navigate COVID-19

We’ve put together several resources to give you ideas and inspiration on how to help your small business clients, as well as your team, stay productive during COVID-19. 

Inspiration on how to help your small business clients

Tips & tricks for adjusting remote work

If you’d like to learn more about how to take advantage of our free E-commerce subscription, please reach out to your Partner Success Manager or schedule a demo with our team.