The all-new Mono Learning Portal

At Mono, we pride ourselves on being partner first, but what does that really mean? For the Mono Education team, it’s all about timing. We need to make sure our partners have what they need, when they need it. And the most important entity we convey is educational content and information about the Mono Platform.

In order to provide information in a structured way at the time of need, we have provided training sessions to our partners – either online or occasionally on-site. We also maintain an exhaustive Mono Academy knowledge base where partners can “self-help” by looking up relevant articles and documentation.

We realized, however, that we can do even more to empower our partners and help them when it's convenient for them. That’s why we’re adding a third leg to our educational portfolio - the Mono Learning Portal.


What is the Mono Learning Portal?

The Mono Learning Portal offers comprehensive, on-demand courses that anyone working at our partner organizations can sign up for and most importantly, take whenever it suits them.

The courses are short – about 10-15 minutes each – and broken down into digestible bits consisting primarily of videos and short quizzes to help you retain knowledge.

The Mono Learning Portal is launching with a focus on the essentials and the current courses are designed for users that are new to the Mono Platform, including our time-saving Global Data and Global Design concepts. In the future, we plan to expand with more courses, also for already experienced users of our platform. 

The Mono Learning Portal can help both individuals and teams learn the ropes of working on the Mono Platform. You can complete the courses anywhere, any time you like – and of course we’ve made sure everything works great on mobile, as well. After all, a recent SAP Litmos study found that 70% of learners felt more motivated to complete mobile learning than traditional eLearning.


Enroll today!

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