The importance of data-driven engagement

Using personalization to drive customer engagement is a top priority for many businesses, and according to an eMarketer report, 56% of marketers believe personalized content drives higher engagement.

And while corporations have the resources and budget to devise strategic initiatives to target individual customer segments, small businesses are often left scrambling to adopt the latest digital marketing trends. But is there a way for SMBs to take advantage of personalized customer engagement without investing in dedicated resources? How can technology and data reshape the way SMBs execute these digital trends? Can we help SMBs run their daily business operations, and drive online customer engagement at the same time? 

Personalization in the new age 

Personalization is often deemed to be a resource intensive way to engage with customers. Yet, many businesses see real return on investment from adding personalization to their customer engagement efforts, and as many as 48% of US marketers reported that personalization on their websites or apps lifted revenues in excess of 10% (eMarketer)

While in the traditional sense personalization is about tailoring the customer experience for a single customer, today the opportunity for the SMB lies in using aggregated data to understand specific groups based on visitor data, such as location, demographics or behavior, and target them with relevant content or calls-to-action. Relevance is crucial and small businesses have the advantage that they can relate to their customers in a more intimate way than large corporations. To leverage this, it is key that business owners have the ability to collect and use proprietary visitor data to create a more engaging customer experience. So how can technology help empower SMBs with the data they need for personalized online marketing efforts? 

For example, as a way to increase customer acquisition, a wine shop can use location data to invite customers within a set radius to their next wine tasting. While to re-engage existing customers for example, a clothing shop can send a newsletter to existing high-value customers to give them exclusive access to a new collection pre-launch. By effectively using data, it enables SMBs to execute a wide range of relevant calls-to-action without having to be physically present, which in turn drives a higher return on investment.

The right technology turns data into action 

While many platforms exist to help SMBs personalize their engagement with customers, investing in a new platform does not only cost money for the SMB, but also the time and effort to learn how to use it. For SMBs to effectively compete with big businesses, they need a solution that makes it easy for them to leverage data from one source, such as website visitor data, to implement marketing efforts, including website personalization and email campaigns. By combining the use of data with automated marketing tools, such as on-site promotions based on visitor data, it makes quick, easy, and simple for SMBs to execute within the scope of their daily marketing tasks.

A data-driven and automated solution will allow SMBs to quickly and easily execute personalization, without compromising daily business operations. And when SMBs have the tools to effectively use data, their customers and potential customers will naturally receive more relevant content and calls-to-action, driving higher engagement and a greater return on investment.

We want to help
Mono continues to build and expand our solution to bring more value and drive more business for the small business on the foundation of data and best-in-class technology. Our solutions expands beyond the just top-performing websites including features like On-Site Engagements for website personalization, CRM and E-Commerce. Used together, digital service providers can offer SMBs a one-stop shop for success in the digital landscape.