The New Small Business SaaS Customer

The market for cloud-based marketing software is growing, and the service delivery model around SMB software is evolving. In cooperation with the Local Search Association (LSA) and the Tech Adoption Index (TAI), we’ve commissioned the custom research to create the report, “Meet The New Small Business SaaS Customer.” 

The report looks at what services within the digital marketing tech stack business owners prefer to do themselves (Do-It-Yourself or DIY) and when they see value in the do-it-with-me (DIWM) and do-it-for-me (DIFM) proposition.

The allure of the DIY landscape

With nearly 500 SMB respondents, the focus of the survey was to gain insight into when business owners prefer a DIY option and why. We’re excited to share findings like:

  • Domains (50%), websites (37%) and social advertising (29%) were the top 3 products that surveyed SMBs had purchased directly from a service provider’s website or app, without any interaction with a sales or customer service representative
  • 36% of SMBs have built their website themselves and of those who did, 50% said it was because it provided them more control of their final result
  • Young business owners (ages 18-34) are more inclined to choose DIY tools based on the reasoning that it’s fast and simple to process and lets them avoid interaction with sales reps
  • 35% of surveyed SMBs said they would upgrade to a DIFM, if the free/low price version doesn’t meet their needs

Want to read the full report and look closer at firmographic breakdowns? Download the full report to learn more about the New Small Business SaaS Customer.

A new DIY opportunity for you

As part of the New Mono Experience, Mono has recently launched a white label DIY solution for our partners to support market demand, lead generation and new revenue opportunities. The solution is fully customizable depending on business goals and our team looks forward to discussing how DIY from Mono can help expand your business.

“DIY is an attractive entry-level offering for many SMBs as the research clearly supports. With the release of our white label DIY solution we believe that our reselling partners have the opportunity to further differentiate their product and service offering to meet the needs of SMBs no matter where they are in the customer journey. By leveraging DIY as a new customer acquisition strategy, our partners can over time upgrade SMB customers into DIWM and DIFM services as their business needs grow” says Jillian Als, Head of Marketing & Communication

Learn more

Report author and industry-leading analyst Charles Laughlin will be discussing this research at the Tech Adoption Summit in San Francisco next week November 6-7. Register here. Too long a flight? Our Head of Global Sales Tricia Score will also be discussing the report findings in a webinar with SIINDA next Wednesday, November 7 at 2pm Central European Time. Register for the webinar here! As always, our team is happy to discuss any questions or thoughts you might have - please reach out to your Partner Success Manager or