Tips and Resources to Help Your SMB Clients Sell Online

In this final installation in our series of guest posts for the Mono Blog, the Ecwid team would like to give you resources that will help your small business clients on their road to success. By using Ecwid E-commerce on Mono Websites, you have an out-of-the-box e-commerce solution that makes you and your clients ready for the world of online and social selling.

So, we want to give you all the tricks and tips needed for taking that next step!


How To Make Sales 

Getting that first sale can be tough, and we want to help you ease the pressure for your clients. Become your clients’ e-commerce expert and help them find success with our 30 ways clients can make their first sale. You’ll be ready to recommend trying new sales channels, managing their online store on-the-go, investing in ad spend, and more.


E-commerce Marketing For Beginners 

The world of e-commerce marketing can be overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be! We break down the terms in an easy-to-understand way and answer the top questions from small businesses. Learn some new ways to teach your small business clients about marketing their business. Read more! 


Social Selling - What Is It?

You’ve probably heard about selling on social, but did you know there is an art to social selling? It’s using social media as a way to market a business or product, and to become the sales channel of choice for shoppers. Intrigued? Check out how to use social selling for small businesses. 


Manage Your E-commerce, While On-The-Go

Another fantastic opportunity for your small business clients is to use our app for online store management. It allows them to manage their store entirely from their smartphone with iOS and Android apps. Some key highlights are easily adding products by snapping a photo and updating products details, getting notified of new orders and running promotions. The app is also fully white-label and you can find it in the app store under the name “My E-Shop” available for iOS and Andriod.  


Ready For More?

We hope you’ve learned some new strategies for helping your clients sell online! If you’re looking for more E-commerce Tips & Tricks, head over to the Ecwid E-commerce Blog. We’re constantly pumping out small business advice, new marketing strategies, and insider tips so you can become an e-commerce expert. 


This guest blog post was contributed by the Ecwid team. For more on Mono’s integration with Ecwid E-commerce, see our dedicated blog post and find out how to request a demo!