Voice Search and the Role of B2SMB Service Providers

Voice search is one of the latest and greatest tech trends to take consumers by storm. In fact, comScore predicts half of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. But what does it mean for SMBs and the digital service providers who serve them? What investments do SMBs need to make? And how difficult and time consuming is it?

Many small business owners don’t realize that they already have one of the most valuable assets for leveraging voice search – their website. Just like in traditional search, voice search is based on finding the right content to answer the voice search query. And in voice search queries about SMBs, there is no source that is more authoritative than the website.

What’s more, small business owners have the unique advantage of regularly interacting and servicing their customers. These first-hand interactions enable SMBs to more easily stay in touch with what is relevant for the customer base, and provides a solid foundation of knowledge for producing a relevant online content strategy that integrates common customer queries, as well as the SMBs’ value proposition. (Continued on the B2SMB Institute Blog...)

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