As consumers, we’re conditioned to go online to find what we need, and for small business owners - it’s no different. Today’s business owners are willing to research, try and buy their business software online.


what is buy-it-yourself (BIY)?

Buy-it-yourself (or BIY) is the notion that small business owners are willing to self-purchase and procure their digital solutions, including website builders. In today’s world, the abundance of online information makes it easy for business owners to independently research and evaluate different offerings, without the help of a sales person. And in many cases, a free trial or freemium offering make a convincing case for small business owners to try and ultimately buy their software online.

biy vs diy

a new sales channel

BIY is not the same as do-it-yourself (DIY). While business owners may be willing to put in the time and effort on where to buy a digital offering, it doesn’t mean they also want to build their website themselves. BIY is ultimately a hands-off, low-cost sales channel that gives business owners complete control over the purchasing process, and changes the role of salespeople from having to actively sell to becoming more consultative.

the biy future

is it already here?

In cooperation with Localogy, we’ve published a report on “The Buy-It-Yourself Future: Is It Already Here?”. The answer was - yes, it’s here. Younger business owners overwhelmingly preferred to BIY, especially when it came to commoditized digital products where the value was inherent. Check out the full report to learn more about the preference for BIY, the evolving role of the salesperson in a BIY reality, and the benefits and challenges of a BIY future.

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the mono platform

our solution

Mono Solutions delivers the ultimate platform for offering websites and other digital products as a buy-it-yourself offering for SMBs. The Mono Platform offers true flexibility in accommodating your desired go-to-market approach, with your SMB clients’ preferred fulfillment approach. Don’t have a team in-place? Work with one of our qualified fulfillment partners to deliver localized website creation, maintenance and support.

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