Take a do-it-with-me approach

At Mono, we believe the future is collaborative, and that small businesses will prefer a do-it-with-me (DIWM) approach where they can work hand-in-hand with their service providers to succeed online.

defining diwm

what is do-it-with-me (DIWM)?

Today’s small business owners are more independent than ever. Yet in many cases, they still lack the time and skills of a digital professional. DIWM is a collaborative approach that bridges the need of small business owners to have control of their digital presence, while leveraging the service and expertise that digital service providers can offer for setting up more difficult or time consuming solutions. By dividing tasks and responsibility, small business owners can manage daily updates and get help with more advanced setups, and everything in between.

new smb saas customer

give business owners more control

The demographics of small business owners is changing, and digital service providers need to accommodate the preferences of this new generation of business owners. In our report “Meet the New Small Business Saas Customer”, we found that younger business owners were more likely to take control and manage one or more aspects of their digital tech stack on their own - but willing to ask for help when they need it.

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offer help when needed

Service still has value

Business owners may be more independent than ever, but service does still have value. While small business owners want control, there will also be scenarios where they lack the time or skills to execute. Having a trusted provider that can lend a helping hand and DIWM is therefore essential to reduce time spent on ‘figuring out’ digital marketing, and give SMBs more time to focus on their craft.

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5 ways to collaborate in the Mono Platform

Initial website creation

Some SMBs have prepared visuals - but no copy, or vice versa. Collaboration is key to ensuring the finished website reflects the SMB brand.

Get started with online booking

Setting up online booking can be tricky. Help with set up of services and staff, but let the business owner manage the daily incoming bookings. 

Set up e-commerce for SMBs

Offer a helping hand with setup of products, shipping and payment options, but let business owners manage incoming orders.

Advanced form building

Form fills are valuable. Help SMBs identify what data is needed, how to collect it and how to manage the data in Mono Customers.

Engaging copywriting

Offer support on writing engaging copy for their blog or email marketing, and guide them on publishing a post or hitting send on a newsletter.

the diwm opportunity

the best of both worlds

At Mono we truly believe the biggest opportunity lies in the DIWM approach. The DIWM service model means you can offer business owners the control and transparency they require but also lend a hand as soon as they need it. And it’s not an either or – it’s an all of the above kind of solution. DIWM bridges the gap between do-it-yourself (DIY) and do-it-for-me (DIFM) and back again meaning the customer can move across models as their demands change.

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