Do What With Me: Defining the optimal SMB service model

In cooperation with Localogy, Mono commissioned a report to better understand the service model preferences of small businesses. Download a copy today!


DO what with me: defining the optimal smb service model

Many digital solutions providers have found the perfect mix of products. But there's more to being the trusted digital advisor for small businesses. An increasing important part of the mix is service. In this report, we dig into the preferred service models of small businesses to determine the optimal service model. Some highlights from the report include: 

  • COVID has not only accelerated the need for digital products - but also the service around these products. Small businesses want more service, and more importantly different types of service
  • We asked small businesses if the service that their provider offered was aligned with their preferences. In some cases there was alignment, but there were also some jarring gaps. 
  • Lastly, how can automation play a part in service and enable digital solutions providers to offer a high touch service model at scale. 

The report was commissioned by Mono Solutions, and put together in collaboration with Localogy.

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