CloudFest BarTalk Recap: Selling Websites Successfully

Last week, our General Manager Americas and VP of Sales Matt Matergia joined the virtual event CloudFest Parkside for a BarTalk Session on selling websites successfully. He shared his insights on why a do-it-with-me (DIWM) approach is the way to go for hosting providers and how they can take advantage of the evolving website building space. You can check out the full BarTalk recording or read the quick recap that we’ve put together.


The DIWM opportunity 

SMBs are increasingly demanding transparency and control, but also require help from time to time. A DIWM approach bridges the gap between DIY and DIFM and marks the sweet spot between time, budget and skills for both the SMB and digital service providers. The opportunity for hosting providers is real - take the SMBs that come in though DIY but don’t convert into paying DIY customers because they get stuck. By offering a DIWM approach, you can help them get over the hump of engagement.


Past and future directions of the website building space

During the last months, we have seen a tremendous growth of companies operating in the website building space. This is the result of a “perfect storm” of different factors driving people online. As 40% of small businesses did not have a website going into the COVID-19 pandemic, many realized they needed to get online once lockdowns changed the way we shop. Others that already had a website saw the need for additional online tools, such as e-commerce or online appointment booking. And since many were unfortunately left without work, they started to invest in their side jobs - also by creating websites. As we look to the future, an interesting opportunity for hosting providers will be to lead with a low cost website product to get the SMB online and then grow it over time.


Mono’s approach on selling websites

Many SaaS companies want to offer Software, but without the last “S” - normally leaving service aside because it is not really scalable. Mono differentiates by offering a full package solution to digital service providers. By helping partners not only set up a DIY solution but also creating a model to bring the SMB up the funnel, Mono allows partners to optimize their offering and increase profitability.


Watch the session

Want to check out the full BarTalk Session? You can watch the recording here. If you want to learn more about Mono’s white-label SaaS solution, reach out to our team that is always happy to share more insights! Schedule a demo here.