Defining the optimal service model for SMBs

57% of recently surveyed SMBs would prefer a dedicated customer service rep, yet only 36% of providers offered this service channel. In the all-new “Do What With Me” report, Mono Solutions has worked with Localogy to dig into the service model preferences of small businesses. As we head into 2021, have you considered if your service channels meet the needs and preferences of your SMB clients?

We’re all familiar with Software-as-a-Service. But what really constitutes “as-a-Service” to small businesses? In a brand-new survey of 309 small business employees in the U.S., Mono and Localogy have explored how small businesses prefer to receive customer service, why they prefer one service model over the other and for which tools are SMBs more inclined to prefer DIY vs DIWM vs DIFM. But what are the service channel preferences of your small business clients? Are they aligned with the service channels that you offer? If not, what do they want? All of this is summarized in a brand new report: Do What With Me - Defining the optimal service model for small businesses and their digital presence solutions.


Key takeaways

  • COVID has accelerated the need for service. Everyone’s talking about how the pandemic has accelerated the need for more digital products, but in reality it’s not that simple. The need for service has accelerated alongside the demand for digital presence products - and with that, the need for different service channels.
  • There is a gap in service model and SMB preferences. There are some service channels where providers and small business preferences are aligned, such as email, online messenger/chatbots, and toll-free phone numbers. On the other hand, there are also certain service channels that providers offer that don’t align or are underserved per SMB preferences - including online request forms, call back options and text message.
  • Personal service still matters. Small businesses want more advice and guidance on their digital marketing products. In fact, a whopping 82% want it for their websites. But a more important finding is that SMBs want more personal service from a dedicated customer service rep. 
  • There is untapped potential in automation. Small businesses want to better understand how to use specific features and make the most of their investment. Automated service options, like chat bots, can help them locate the right content to help them achieve these simple and more routine tasks on their own via e.g. video tutorials, in-tool guidance and more.
  • Business owners want more collaboration. It's all about balacing personal service and automation. Empowering and engaging small businesses to do more themselves with automated service options and content, frees up precious time for more strategic advice and guidance. 

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