Mono for SaaS

Boost product adoption and satisfaction of your small business customers by providing high-performing websites as part of your SaaS solution


The website opportunity

SMBs increasingly use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools to manage daily operations. But for SaaS solutions that require a website to run on, such as appointment booking tools, chatbots or payment solutions, outdated website technology can significantly impact the successful adoption of your solution. Combine your SaaS solution with high-prforming websites to accelerate the adoption of your SaaS solution and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Successfully resell websites with Mono

With our 360° solution and dedication to guidance, we enable SaaS providers to deliver websites for small businesses in their preferred approach, whether it be do-it-yourself, do-it-for-me or anything in between. Work with us to boost your product adoption, grow your brand, and increase customer satisfaction.

Partnering with Mono will provide you with:

The ultimate
website builder

Boost the adoption of your SaaS solution with our SMB-friendly website builder. Adapt the interface to the skill level of the end-user, increasing customer satisfaction and overall digital success.

Guidance for
go-to-market success

Let us guide you to success! Take advantage of our partner-driven organization, as well as our white-label marketing collateral, lead generation tools, best practices and more.

upsell opportunities

Strengthen your position as the SMB’s service provider and boost revenue with our suite of digital add-ons, including email marketing, e-commerce and more!

Highly optimized for

Many SMBs prefer help in creating their website. Our fully white-label platform is optimized for the do-it-with-me approach in website creation and maintenance.

network of partners

Want to leave website building to the experts? Let us introduce you to our network of fulfillment partners that can help with the scalable delivery of websites.


Scale efficiently with our multi-management tool. The interface makes it easy to create, manage and provision subscriptions for thousands of SMB clients. 

Blog post

The Cloud Engagement Challenge

62% of small businesses are failing to use their cloud software to its fullest extent. To get a better understanding of this, Mono collaborated with Localogy to dig into where small businesses are succeeding with SaaS and where they are challenged. 

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