Mono for Yellow Pages

Expand your offering with an end-to-end website solution that helps better meet current small business needs for more control of their digital presence


The Do-It-Yourself opportunity

Yellow Page directories have a long legacy of servicing small businesses, and many have successfully transitioned from selling pure print products to offering the fulfillment of digital service. But SMBs are also evolving, and younger business owners are digitally skilled and willing to buy and build digital solutions independently. Extend into a do-it-yourself channel to generate leads for DIWM & DIFM and grow your customer base. 

Successfully resell websites with Mono

With our 360° solution and dedication to guidance, we enable Yellow Pages to deliver websites for small businesses in their preferred approach, whether it be do-it-yourself, do-it-for-me or anything in between. Work with us to grow your customer base by providing high-performing websites at different service levels, meeting any SMB’s preferred assistance.

Partnering with Mono will provide you with:

The ultimate
website builder

Grow your customers’ digital presence with our SMB-friendly website builder. Adapt the interface to the skill level of the end-user, increasing customer satisfaction and overall digital success.

The Do-it-yourself
(DIY) funnel

Grow your customer base and lower sales and customer acquisition costs through online lead generation. Upgrade them to a serviced approach if they struggle to build their website themselves.

upsell opportunities

Strengthen your position as the SMB’s single service provider and boost engagement and revenue with our suite of digital add-ons, including email marketing, e-commerce and more!

Highly optimized for

Our fully white-label platform is optimized for the do-it-with-me approach in website creation and maintenance. Collaborate efficiently through workflows and flexible user roles.

Make data your
competitive approach

The Mono Platform allows Yellow Pages to leverage existing customer data to enable automated and scalable website creation and management.


Scale efficiently with our multi-management tool. The interface makes it easy to create, manage and provision subscriptions for thousands of SMB clients. 



Today’s business owners are increasingly willing to research, try and buy their business software online. The opportunity for local search and Yellow Page directories is two-fold: opening up for new DIY customers and generating leads for your DIWM-DIFM business. Learn more from the report we’ve published, in cooperation with Localogy, on “The Buy-It-Yourself Future: Is It Already Here?”.

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"Mono’s proven expertise and holistic approach in understanding needs, proposing solutions, and delivering quality is ultimately supplying our customers and employees with best in class products and tools."

Yan Bélanger
VP Digital Operations ​at Yellow Pages Canada​